Electricity Generation Without Using Energy!

A team of scientists led by Dr. R.K Kotnala from Delhi’s National Physical Laboratory (NCL) has developed a method which generates electricity using hydroelectric cell without using any power or chemicals.The scientists used zinc and silver electrodes at room temperature to make a cell, and nano porous magnesium ferrite to split water into OH⁻ and H₃O⁺ ions. Since Magnesium as high affinity for OH⁻, it spontaneously splits water. The H₃O⁺ ions get trapped inside the nano pores of magnesium ferrite and generate an electric field. This electric field further helps in dissociation of water. To enhance the activity of magnesium ferrite even more, around 12% of magnesium is replaced with lithium thus increasing the sensitivity of magnesium ferrite. By doing this at room temperature, the electrons get trapped in the oxygen-deficient sites.The magnesium ferrite-produced hydroelectric cell with a size of a square inch can produce a current of 8mA and 0.98V. When these 4 cells are connected in series the voltage increases to 3.70V, which can operate a small plastic fan or a LED of 1 Watt.

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